The use of Video Surveillance has become increasingly widespread throughout New Zealand over recent years. Originally deployed for protecting large establishments and monitoring city centres, Video Surveillance systems can now be found in almost every corner of society, though they are predominately installed within shops, schools, vehicles, offices and public areas.

Video surveillance systems consist of cameras to view images, the transmission of the images, recording of and playback of the images. All of these aspects have been rapidly changing due to new technologies, which reduce costs and increase the capabilities of the system.  The industry has become extremely competitive with the perception that installing video surveillance consists of merely fixing a camera to a wall, which is only a small part of an effective solution.

An effective video surveillance system should provide an easy to use interface for the end-user, suitable retention period, be secure from unauthorised users, perform and provide what the end-user requires and operate 24/7.

Because we know that each company is different, our video surveillance solutions are tailor-made to suit the needs of our clients. We work with you to develop a system that meets your unique requirements, customised to your specific site conditions. Only then can we select the most appropriate cameras, resolutions, and lenses, design appropriate mounting, power and data transmission, and determine how those images should be recorded and displayed, meeting your needs and ensuring compliance. We also provide training for your employees on how to operate your new system and can provide a maintenance package that suits your requirements.

Our commitment to staff training and development ensures we can provide expert on-going service and support ensuring the surveillance system adds value now and into the future.