Perimeter Protection

Your perimeter is your first line of defence and our clients require something more than just a physical barrier.

Airports, ports, prisons, universities,  government and private agencies all have unique and complex perimeter protection needs that cannot be met by the average security company. We use innovative technologies to lead the way in electronic perimeter protection creating a secure barrier that can be used as a stand alone surveillance system or incorporated into the systems you may already have in place.

We also provide training for your employees on how to operate your new system and can provide a maintenance package that suits your requirements.

Our commitment to staff training and development ensures we can provide expert on-going service and support ensuring the system that we install for you, adds value now and into the future.

Many challenges arise from wide area surveillance. When security threats appear on the perimeter, with the added pressure of intrusions coming from multiple fronts, our clients should be alerted as early as possible for an effective action. One minute can reverse the situation.

The systems we use can analyse 360° thermal images, in real time. The threats are automatically detected and tracked up to the horizon, 24/7, wherever they come from  (large airfields, wide deserted areas and compounds, land or maritime borders, ports, estuaries…)

The systems can be used as a standalone surveillance system or as an added of capability to your systems already in place!

  • Drone/UAV Detection and Tracking
  • Prison Surveillance
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Airport Surveillance & Airfield Surveillance
  • Port Surveillance & Coastal Surveillance
  • Self-Protection of Ships / Antipiracy
  • Vehicle based surveillance
  • Electrical Power Substation Perimeter Security
  • Mega Yacht Security