Access Control

Access Control is basically any process that effectively manages the access to a physical or logical resource of an organisation. It deals with the physical aspects of access control in which authorised persons are either allowed to enter or leave a premise. Access Control deters illegal entry which could later lead to theft or damage to life or property.

Because we know that each company is different, our access control solutions are tailor-made to suit the needs of our clients. We work with you to develop a system that meets your unique requirements, customised to your specific site conditions. We will then go on to design, engineer and install the quality system that matches your needs and requirements. We also provide training for your employees on how to operate your new system and can provide a maintenance package that suits your requirements.

Our commitment to staff training and development ensures we can provide expert on-going service and support ensuring the access control system adds value now and into the future.

 We have several means of implementing physical access controls such as;

  • Single Door Access Systems
  • Multi-door Access Systems
  • Cloud Based or Server Based
  • IP Door Controllers or traditional hard wired systems
  • Intercoms, Biometric, Bluetooth entry devices
  • Bollards, Vehicle Barrier Arms, Vehicle Gates, Anti Ram Barriers
  • Man-traps, Pedestrian Turnstiles